I am born in Sweden, have been photographing since I were a teenager.
I love to give lectures and talk about this planet. I have now also opened this website to share experiences

Today ”the world is my catwalk”.

My plan is to produce a category per month, when I am not travelling.
I hope You will return to and be inspired to explore and understand this planet and enjoy its beauty

Some photos uploaded – many more and text to come…


4 thoughts on “About

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you at the station today, and indeed it has been another pleasure visiting your site and beholding your great photos. Hope you have a nice trip and if I can be of any help, you have got my phone and now mi mail also.
    Best regards

  2. Thank you for the positive respons, such encourage me to keep up posting photos. I also hope those inspire others to explore and understand this planet.
    I will coming weeks post photos from Antarctic region and southern South America

  3. Hi Heber, again, thank you for piece you gave me in this new situation. I have now been able to help others in same situation.
    Started to post photos from rest of journey now and will continue coming month.
    All the best, Ulf


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