Please visit my new website www.ulf.wemme.se

Travels are in that subdomain.

I am born in Sweden, and have been travelling since I were a teenager.
I love to give lectures/slideshows and talk about this planet. I have now also opened this website to share experiences

Today   ”The world is my catwalk”.

My plan is to add a category per month, when I am not travelling.
I hope You will return to and be inspired to explore and understand this planet and enjoy its beauty

Some uploaded – many more and text to come…


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Ulf,

    I hope, youŕe fine. Are you still traveling? Do you remember our trip from El Chalten to Laguna de desierto?
    Matha and I would be very happy if you could send us some photos via email at Clava@web.de
    Greetings from Stuttgart / Germany

  2. Hallo Ulf,
    War gestern ein schöner Abend!
    Vielleicht treffen wir uns heute?
    Wie geht’s deinem Bein?
    Gabriele & Stefan


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